Ninix Lounge

Original price was: 11.000,00 €.Current price is: 6.600,00 €.

It may sound contradictory, but Ninix means both minimal and maximum. Ninix combines the best of both.

The maximum is provided in terms of material selection, optimized ergonomics and refinement in quality and design. The minimum relates to the simple, clean lines of the design.

Stop by one of our showrooms and we will be happy to help you with personal advice and a tailor-made offer.

Lounge table     NNXL40TCWWU          white    1x           € 929,00

Two-seater        NNXL160WWU             white    1x            € 3.349,00

Chusions           PILNNXL160ED            Cat: B    1x           € 1.554,00

One-seater        NNXL100WWU2           white    1x            € 1.899,00

Chusions           PILNNX80ED                 Cat: B   1x            €    870,00

Low Side table  NNX150T2309,00         wit        1x            € 2.399,00